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Who We Are

At IHouse STONE, we are committed to delivering top-notch home inspiration and design education. IHOUSE STONE serves as your ultimate guide for purchasing premium products. Our devoted team conducts comprehensive research, reading reviews from reputable sources to ensure you receive thorough information. We rigorously test each product on reliable websites, offering trustworthy conclusions. Despite our stringent testing standards, our reviews are presented in clear and straightforward English and arabic, ensuring easily comprehensible and reliable advice. Count on IHOUSE STONE to provide you with all the essential knowledge required to make informed buying decisions from the best places.

Why Rely on Us


iHouse Stone is dedicated to enhancing your home life by delivering not just inspiration but also the most precise and enlightening information. If our seasoned editors and creatives encounter a gap in knowledge, we leverage our network of interior designers to provide insights, share valuable sources, and impart tricks of the design trade.


Similar to numerous digital media brands, we generate revenue through affiliate commissions—and we maintain complete transparency about it. Despite earning referral income from partners, our commitment remains unwavering. We endorse only products that we wholeheartedly believe in, constantly exploring new brands that resonate with us and, in turn, will resonate with you.

Reasons to do business with IHOUSE STONE

Guaranteed Period:

  • IHOUSE STONE has a large production capacity for decorative stone. Smaller quantities can be obtained immediately, and larger quantities within a few days.

Superior Installation:

  • Ihouse stone has a team of experts for stone installation who have proven themselves on numerous projects.

Service Network:

  • Optimal levels of stock management are protected by the “IHOUSESTONE Decorative Wall Panels” fully designed and produced in Algeria. Alongside today’s technological advances, IHOUSESTONE offers its customers “quick and optimal solutions” through “storage” possibilities. Here, the goal of IHOUSESTONE is to respond as quickly as possible to its customer’s project without making them wait.

Extensive References:

  • IHOUSE STONE is by far the largest choice of wall and floor coverings manufactured in a wide range of colors.
  • IHOUSE STONE ensures delivery throughout the Algerian territory.
  • When you install decorative stone, there is no need to fill the spaces between them because the stones have a 0% gap.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Ihouse stone, since its foundation, makes no compromise on the quality of its products or its vision. It offers customers quality service at advantageous prices and works to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. With a 95% success rate in Customer Satisfaction Surveys each year, IHOUSESTONE continually improves processes based on customer expectations, aiming to offer reliable and quality service.

Product Quality:

  • One of the key differences in IHOUSE STONE panel systems lies in the use of special coloring techniques and the first method of manufacturing with fiberglass, ecological resin, and stone dust. The second method involves manufacturing with sand cement, resin, and coloring in the mix.
  • IHOUSESTONE panels are easily usable in EXTERIOR FACADES due to their resistance to high temperatures, acidic conditions, and rapid temperature changes. They offer superior performance compared to their counterparts.

Special Works:

  • The rich color palette offered through our solution partnership with the global brand, unlimited color combinations born from this palette, applicable to panel textures, and the aging textures we obtain on the visual effect of products using the “special patina” methods we have invented allow customers to choose the “special color and different texture” they wish to achieve and make the product special.

Developed Products:

  • IHOUSE STONE is a company that doesn’t follow trends but invents them, as stated by a famous architect.
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