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rubber mold for stone galicia 021

د.ج 4.500,00د.ج 35.000,00

country of originALGERIA
 Manufacturing materialRUBBER
Dimensions of the STONE49,7/11,4
Price  9 pieces35000 DA
الجزائربلد المنشا
مطاطمادة الصنع
 021 قالب مطاط حجر قاليسيا المنتج
4500DA    سعر التجزئة  1 قطعة
35000 DAسعر الجملة 9 قطع  

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rubber mold for stone

As the concrete industry continues to grow rubber mold for stone galicia are rapidly becoming an indispensable tool. With their affordability and ease of use, rubber molds provide an efficient way to create custom concrete designs with unique decorative patterns. These molds are made from durable rubber materials that can withstand years of repeated use, making them the ideal solution for constructing high-quality concrete products in large quantities.

Whether it’s crafting concrete pavers, stepping stones, or decorative concrete elements, rubber molds offer precision and consistency in your concrete creations. By using these versatile and durable molds, you not only save time, money, and effort during the construction process but also achieve the desired texture and design with ease.

It’s no surprise that rubber molds are now at the forefront of the construction industry. From professional contractors to weekend warriors, everyone can benefit from these tools. So why wait? Get started on your concrete creations today and see the difference that rubber molds can make!

Characteristics of rubber mold for stone

The rubber mold for stone have a hardness ranging from 50 to 80 durometer.

They are resistant to bouncing and UV rays.

The mixture can remain in the molds for up to two days. Before filling the molds, they must be sprayed with water.

Even after long-term use, the molds will not lose their original shape.

They are particularly good for wall panels due to their excellent precision.

The molds are exceptionally flexible and durable. They have been used for years without losing quality, so we offer a continuous use guarantee.

The molds are certified rubber and made from black rubber.

The price of the mold is based on its weight and design, with carefully considered pricing for each. minimum wholesale order is 1m2, and pieces can be ordered at retail prices.

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Détaille, Gros


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rubber mold for stonerubber mold for stone galicia 021
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